Friday, 23 July 2010

A night off!

I had a long day without the kids today, the little girls were at nursery and Lyla went to Kidzone. She has been so looking forward to it, but when she came home I asked her if she made any friends and she said no, the other girls told her to stop following them. It really makes me appreciate what a lovely school Lyla goes to, because at New Road the older children are so patient with and lovely to the younger ones. I don't think Lyla is really prepared for mean children. Still, she seems quite keen to go back, as on Wednesday they are off to the Safari park!
They were all very tired and went off to bed pretty soon after we got home. It was strange not seeing them all day especially now I am used to having Lyla mid afternoon, but three overtired small girls, one teething, is not a pretty site, and really after just an hour of having them home I was quite happy to tuck them in for the night!

I have had a really busy week this week, there has been so much going on, and I have been working late almost every night. This evening I am so tired I can hardly think straight, so I am going to turn the computer off and go and watch The Mentalist with Andrew. Its the last one in the current series, and it should be a good episode, although I will be pretty gutted this time next week when it is not on!

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