Sunday, 25 July 2010

Another late night...

I didn't intend to be up until nearly midnight tonight, and in fact I signed off my other blog (the work one!) at 10.30 stating that I would be tying up a few loose ends then heading for bed! But by the time I had written a couple of emails, had a look on facebook, answered a new email and chatted a bit on msn it was nearly 11. Still not too late, but then I remembered that tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and it was time to retrieve the carefully hidden cards and prezzies for tomorrow and do a quick wrap and write. We had talked about not buying presents this year, we are having a meal out and that is enough really, but I already got a little something a while ago, and tomorrow evening wouldn't be the same without a nice bottle of wine, so there are a few gifts awaiting him in the morning!

Today was supposed to be a work day, but as all the things I had planned involved printing out, and my printer conveniently ran out of ink, it turned into a trip to Tesco, and afternoon at the park and a visit to Carols for a cup of tea (or two!)

I took Phoebe with me to Tesco, I thought it might be nice to have some time just her and me, I thought she would appreciate not having a little one tagging along, or a big one bossing her around, but no. She just wanted to grizzle and complain and want things she couldn't have. When she was in the trolley she wanted to get out, when she was out she wanted to be in. Not much fun at all. However, she was much the same this afternoon, so I am going to assume she is coming down with something, rather than just turning into a little brat!

Well tomorrow is out 7 year wedding anniversary. Which means that this time 7 years ago I was in the bathroom at Mum and Dad's house dying my hair. I was told I was mad to do it the night before the wedding, but doing things right at the last minute is really the story of my life!

I am looking forward to tomorrow, we are not doing anything much, just dumping the kids on the inlaws and going into town for a look round the shops and a spot of lunch. It will be nice to spend a bit of time just the two of us.

On that note, I better get to bed so I am not too tired to enjoy it!

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