Thursday, 22 July 2010

First day of the summer hols!

Today was the first day of the summer holidays, which I guess is fitting for the first of my blog posts! I am not sure how long I will keep this blog up, nor even how often I will update it, but it feels quite therapeutic at the end of a long day to get down in writing all that I have done. Who knows it might even be an interesting read in a few years!
We bought a season ticket to our local activity farm, Pigeons Farm, today, its such a great place, just down the road from us and today the kids got to feed lambs with a bottle, hold teeny baby rabbits, guinea pigs and chicks, and collect hens eggs. Then we had a picnic, (with several uninvited and ill mannered chickens) and when it started to rain we went into the barn where they were able to play in the indoor sandpit, climb up the mountain of hay bales and drive a few toy tractors around the barn!
What a great start to the holiday!!

6 week old bunnies, Lyla wanted the white one but Daddy said "No no no no. God no." Which on this occasion I took to mean no.

Tomorrow Phoebe and Alice are in nursery, and Lyla has her first day of "Kidzone" which is a summer holiday childcare group. My good friend Lisa gave us a lunch box with "High School Musical" on it, and although Lyla doesn't even know what that is, she knows the older girls have it and so she is more than excited. We went to look round kidzone a few days ago, to familiarise her with the surroundings, meet the staff and ask any questions. All she asked was, "Where do we put our lunchbox?" Bless her! It will be nice for me tomorrow to have a full day to work, I have so much to do and could do with a nice long uninterrupted period to get it done.Carol and her kids came round this afternoon which was nice, I got a tiny peek at baby Ollie, but he just slept the whole time, what a good baby!
Alice is a little under the weather today. She still has her two back teeth coming through and I have a feeling she is cutting an eye tooth as well. I hope we are not in for too bad a night, especially as it is now 11.30 and rather than being tucked up in bed I am writing my blog!

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